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Actively Learn - The what, why, and how! RCC-301AAlicia Moreira Appilicious is Back and Better Than Ever! RCC-303Jennifer Abel • Jennifer Northrup C4 - Capturing Creativity and Content Comprehension - Using Digital Tools to Design Digital Environments For All Learners RCC-306AEast Carolina University • Anita Martin Computational Thinking in the Elementary Classroom RCC-402Laura Albrecht Engaging Literacy Activities with Authentic Audiences RCC-302AJaymie Boose • Ben Schoenebeck Game Based Learning - Minecraft RCC-206CDWG • CDWG • CDWG Going Off On A Tangent - Spheros in Secondary Math RCC-306CWill Allred • Lee Ann Holmes Google Forms: From A To Z RCC-302CEmily Brown How Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools use Technology to Defeat Student Device Distractions RCC-204Jacob Standish • Mark Branigan Innovative Teaching and Learning with iPad (Apple) RCC-201 Is your 1to1 Technology budget unpredictable? Discover solutions that help you plan your spend and avoid unforeseen expenses. RCC-203Eric Ogden • Trinity3 Technology • Trinity3 Technology • Trinity3 Technology Make Magic Happen With Canvas! RCC-307Sarah Cardwell • Mitzi London MakerSpace Showcase RCC-302BMary Beth Brown • Nathan Melnik Not Just Books: Marketing Your Media Center RCC-306BMark Brookshire • Mariam Lackey STEM for ALL with Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A and B Swimming with STEM through Children's Literature RCC-301BKathy Blades • Lisa Rose Tech and Art .... Say WHAT?! RCC-305AMandy Love • Beth Yelvington Technology's MISSION is POSSIBLE: Exploring New Technology and Learning using STATIONS RCC-305BRachel Dycus • Lindsey Evans Three tools to save money, scale instruction and move beyond the classroom walls RCC-202Sterlina Smith • Curriculum Pathways • Curriculum Pathways What's New from Apple! Marriott-Chancellor Creating a Culture of Technology Support Sheraton - Oak Forest AKeith Medlin • Brian Warf DLI Innovation Academy: GCS for Teachers by Teachers Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Kelly Garcia Make an IMPACT with the Digital Learning Competencies Sheraton - Governor's BallroomHeather Ramsey • Erin Shoemaker Personalized Professional Development: Using District Resources to Support Digital Learners Sheraton - Oak Forest BCharlotte Best • Yu'Vonne James Bring your Lessons to Life Using Digital Tools RCC-Ballroom CJeff Crews • Dean Phillips Coaching Digital Learning for Maximum Impact Sheraton-Hannover 1Brittany Miller • Jaclyn B. Stevens ACTIVE Art in ACTION RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 2Debra Houck • Cori Odom Barbie's in SPAAAAAAACE......... RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 3Lisa Drager • Cori Odom Battle Royale: Fortnite vs. Middle School Math RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 1Kara Brem • Cindy Domencic Breaking Out of Ordinary Math RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 51Matthew Faircloth • Bianca McDavid Breakout of the Box RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 31Andrea Kisielius • Charlene Williams Carpenter Chameleons Present Cybersafety RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 36Sheila Alston • Allison Jones CBL: An Entrepreneurial Story RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 58Benjamin Butchart • Alexis Greer Code-Savvy with Micro:bit Go RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 55Laura Richardson • Spencer Williams Coding Sphero and Dash into Your Curriculum RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 21Emily Adams • Leslie Ludington Coding with K-2 is Possible (and FUN!) RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 34Beth Griffin • MaryLu Ringwood Collaborative Castles: A Story of Cross-Campus Cooperation RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 1Kara Brem • Lisa Drager Collaborative Coding & Robotics with Dash RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 46Amy McLaughlin • James Shuler Curious Me RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 39Jessi Rhodes • Susan Tendler Digital Digital Get-Down with Portfolio's RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 30Gerald Harvey DON'T SMASH THAT BUG! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 4Amy Fenton • Cori Odom DT4CBL: Maximizing Design Thinking for Challenge Based Learning RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 59Miranda File • Brian Whitson Enhancing instructional content through 3D simulated learning environments RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 57Michelle Logan Enloe Women in Science RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 61Kelley Contrera • Jessica Zhong EPIC Games Job Interview- Who will be the next big game designer? RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 54Julie Fountain • Camirra Williamson Explore Virtual Reality With West Stokes High School RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 56Forrest Munden • Kevin Spainhour Extra Extra! Get your Digital Journalism On in Elementary School! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 37Alexa Atchison • Ashley Luersman Finding your place with Nintendo Switch Labo! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 45Daniel Flack • Janna Shoffner Food Truck Rodeo! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 12Kelly Siegert • Carrie Vaughan Getting Greek-Teaching History & Myths through Gaming RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 60Caitlin McDonald • Jason Stabley Girls for STEAM RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 49Amanda Mongillo Going Global with Storybook Stem RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 28Amelia Caviness • Evelene Hickey Got Google for Education? No Problem! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 5Kristine Bass • Cori Odom Here To Be a Community RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 13Joya Austin • Michelle Woosley Innovating Writing with Stop Motion and Choose Your Own Adventure Stories RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 18Kim Collins • Jenna Stilwell Innovation with littleBits: PES STEM Club RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 25Erin Boecke • Kelly Slaughter Integrating Content with Green Screens RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 6MELISSA TOWNE It’s All in One Place: Digital Portfolio Exposed! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 33Sharon Hart • Rhesia Mitchell Lego Stop Motion Writing RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 19Michelle Gay Let's Take a Road Trip!: Navigational Innovators of the Arts (NIA) RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 22Nerissa Gilchrist • Quintin Neal Libratory STEM Stations RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 44Heather Bridges • Jill Tyler Life in 3D! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 24Ginny Breece • Christine Giusto-Weibl, Ed.S Louder than a Bomb: I Refuse to Give Up RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 17Latiqua Dortch • Bria Wright Maker Mayhem? Why, Yes! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 29Caren Long • Tanya Robinson-Freeman Molding Minds to 4C the Future RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 14Donielle Mattis • Kayse Silvestri Out of this World Apps with the Galaxy Girls! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 48 Pen Pals 2020 RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 32Sarah Duris • Jill Wolborsky Screen Casting in the Classroom RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 15Chris Colosi Shining through Seesaw RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 27Melissa Cox • Traci Maness So You Need a New Pencil -- The School Store Revamped! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 23Jennifer Joyner • Alisa McCollum So You Think Dash Can Dance RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 42Jennifer Lynch • Cindy Martin Speaking Robot: Using robots, competition, and authentic engagement to increase English Learners’ (ELs) Language and Literacy proficiency. RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 7Laura Holmes Sphero's - Rolling Robots Into The Classroom RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 47Irma Arroyo • ALVINA MCBRIDE Spheros, Ollies, Kindergarten, Oh My! RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 8Sophie Bird • Russetta Sauls Student Led Digital Newsletter RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 16Brittany Carter • Lisa Poirier Swiftly We Code Along RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 53Stephanie Harrell • Katy Wyborny Take Ownership of Your Digital Life RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 11Christopher Colosi • Marialena Fuenzalida TedX Glenwood- Making the case for Endangered Animals RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 9Shane Chinni The Human Body is SEW ELECTRIFYING RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 26Caren Long • Tanya Robinson-Freeman The VReal Holly Springs RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 40Arielle Pickrel • Lindsay Vollmin We Know How We Got Here! Using Digital Tools (SeeSaw) to Develop Metacognition RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 38Jill Turner WeDo Learn To Build & Code RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 41Emily Law World Changers: Cultivating Empathetic and Informed Problem Solvers through Global Literacy and Digital Media RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 10Candace Crothers “Navigating & Sharing Our Why with Genius Hour” RCC-Exhibit Hall C-Table 43Aubrey Diorio • Renee White Build a Simple Microscope and Keep It! Marriott-University BBob Goldstein Converstations Marriott-State Ballroom E Create Your Own Reality: Create 360 Images for a Virtual Field Trip Marriott-University AJordan Caldwell Digital Effort Management: The Systemic Art of Productivity Marriott-University CAdnan Iftekhar Let's Get Physical: Move their Bodies, Grow their Brains! Marriott-State Ballroom DMike Morris Sketchnoting in the Classroom Marriott-State Ballroom FKathy Schrock Makerspace RCC-Exhibit Hall



VR Together RCC-301ACyndi Jarvis 100 Ways to use Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A and B 5 Inventory Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (And How to Fix Them!) RCC-203Michael Wilson • Hayes Software Systems Creating Means Thinking Critically RCC-402Beth Goff Designing A Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy RCC-Ballroom AKen Shelton Digital Signage - How and Why the easy way RCC-204John Warf • John Warf • John Warf GarageBand in the Regular Classroom RCC-305ALaura Beatty Get in Gear with STREAM! RCC-302AAmanda Chavis • Jennifer Roberson Growing Students (and Staff Too!) with Digital Feedback RCC-302BDavid Balmer Innovative Teaching and Learning with iPad (Apple) RCC-201 No 1:1? No Problem. RCC-306BJennifer Bell • Tatianna Hardiman Outwit, Outlast, Outplay: Break Out of that Testing Mode RCC-306CCheryl McCrorey • Lauren Pollock Steps to Making Learning More Accessible RCC-Exhibit Hall-PowerUpEDU Mobile Lab Strengthening Literacy Skills with iPad (Apple) Marriott-Chancellor Students Lead with Lego WeDo! RCC-304Courtney Clapp Survey Says RCC-307Lindsay Foster • Peter Panico Teams work makes the Dream work! RCC-301BStephen Taylor The 5th C: Coding RCC-306ALara Cabaniss • Carmen Money The Exponential Power of Combining Digital Tools RCC-206Nearpod • Nearpod Toolbox for English Learners RCC-302CAngela Walter Tools You Can Use Tomorrow RCC-Ballroom BLeslie Fisher Top Tech Tool for the Collaborative Classroom RCC-202Dave Price • Dave Price • Dave Price Using Video Based Tools to Flip and Blend Instruction RCC-305BDonna Currie • Natalie Mercer Want to teach coding with little to no experience? No problem! Use Google CS First! RCC-303Lissy Wood Canvas Admin Panel Discussion Sheraton - Oak Forest AColleen Bergin • Jacob Standish DLI Innovation Academy: Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Carrie Robledo • Lee Ann Holmes • Steve Johnson Engaging Community Stakeholders through Digital & Social Media Sheraton - Oak Forest BNick Anderson • Kendel Cozart Launching into Innovative Professional Learning Sheraton - Governor's BallroomMollee Holloman • Holly King




#GridSciNC--Are We Sharing Efficiently? RCC-306AKyle Hamstra 3D Printer Optional! - Implementing 3D Design Learning With or Without a Printer RCC-302CChris Goodson • Heather Mathis A Journey Towards Personalized Learning RCC-305BJennifer Hand • Karen Yutzy A Leap for Literacy Growth: Why Digital Access and Personalized Reading Practice Can Help Students Achieve NC Standards Mastery RCC-204Lynn Gill • Renaissance • Renaissance ARTS + TECHNOLOGY= MOTIVATING CLASSROOMS RCC-305AJaime Hartley Can You Help Me? Lessons from a Canvas Neophyte RCC-303Travis Towne Club Days: Providing Diverse Opportunities in a Small Rural Schools RCC-304bethany bonnemere • Lauren Curtis Developing Computational Thinkers RCC-307Tyler Callahan • Will Herring Digital Citizenship for All! Be Internet Awesome & Pear Deck RCC-206Rob Yoo • Danielle Stebel • Danielle Stebel Discover Schoolwork and Classroom: Powerful Tools for Teaching (Apple) Marriott-Chancellor Expanding beyond the classroom with ebooks RCC-202Scott Higinbotham • OverDrive Farm-to-Table Collaboration: Strategies for Personalized Learning through Homegrown PD. RCC-306CLorraine Kasyan • Martha Martin Get Your Students to Flip Out! -Using FlipGrid to assess student learning RCC-302AAllyson Medlin • Joanie Williams Hacking Podcasts for Your Classroom RCC-302BStewart Lee Innovative Teaching and Learning with iPad (Apple) RCC-201 Lost Colony, No More: Putting Manteo on the Map With Virtual Reality (2018 Grant Winner) RCC-402Carol Dunn • Terri Creef • Mollee Holloman Navigate New Literacies with Transmedia Storytelling RCC-301ARebekah Davis • Laura Fogle Oh Snap! 21st Century Book Reviews RCC-301BLeslie Pope Round Table: Virtual Reality in the Classroom RCC-203Sabrina Mayaan • ByteSpeed • ByteSpeed Storytelling, Creativity, and Design RCC-Ballroom AKen Shelton Tech-ifying Instructional Strategies Marriott-Congressional A and B The Google You Might Not Know About RCC-Ballroom BLeslie Fisher Using 3D Printing to Enhance Project-Based Learning RCC-306BRobert Breyer • Clint Rogers 1:1 Implementation Lessons Learned Sheraton - Oak Forest AHolly Russ • Tracy Heape • Tracy Moulton • Christy Abernathy • April Robinson • Emma Watson DLI Innovation Academy: From DLCs to Personalized Learning Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Julie Bowman PLC Is Not a 4 Letter Word Sheraton - Governor's BallroomLauren Pollock • Monica Schroeder Wake Forward: Advancing School Libraries with a Customized Approach Sheraton - Oak Forest BKendra Allen • Susan Bock Fact vs. Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News RCC-Ballroom CJennifer LaGarde • Darren Hudgins Digital Equity Sheraton-Hannover 1Marlo Gaddis • Allison Reid Amplify Your Core with Robotics Marriott-University AChristy Spinella • Holly King • PowerUpEDU Breaking Through Mundane Mathematics with Digital Breakouts Marriott-University CLori Gibbs • Sabrina Lynn King-Bowen Code Crush- Integration Across Curricula Marriott-State Ballroom DPaul Huggins • Andrea Lilley Digital Lessons for All Learners: Design, Differentiate, and Deploy Marriott-University BDeCourcy Delia • Darlene Reap-Klosty Superhero's Survival Guide to Student Agency Marriott-State Ballroom ESavannah Richards • Charles Elliott X Marks the Spot: Google Tour Builder Marriott-State Ballroom FAmber Garvey • Angie McClung



15 (or more) Chrome Extensions, Apps and Add-Ons Every Teacher Needs! RCC-Ballroom AJeff Crews • Dean Phillips AIl in the Classroom - The latest Tech for Helping Overworked Teachers RCC-204Brett Baldwin • CDWG • CDWG Digital Makerspace To The Max! RCC-402Mary Campbell • Meagan Humphrey Get Hyped!....With Hyperdocs RCC-302CMendy Benge • Stacy Byrd Going Global with STEM RCC-302ACarrie Robledo • MaryLu Ringwood Google Maps in the Classroom...say what...where...HOW? RCC-306BStephanie Mull • Marilee Mauser Google Slides Magic Tricks RCC-Ballroom BDee Lanier Increase Student Engagement with Interactive Design RCC-202Lance Key • ViewSonic Innovative Teaching and Learning with iPad (Apple) RCC-201 Learning Beyond the Bell: The Discovery Education Student Experience Marriott-Congressional A and B Like Breakout Activities? WHY Not Try Them Digitally? RCC-303Caitlin Carmendy • Erin Trahan Make Personalized Learning Effortless with the IXL Continuous Diagnostic RCC-203Steve Wray • IXL Learning • IXL Learning Makey Makey Your Lessons Fun, Interactive, and Rigorous RCC-306AAlison LeSueur • Tiffany Trent Making Waves with Google Sites RCC-307John Dietz One School One Heartbeat: building a community through the school news program RCC-305BLinda Dextre • Joyce Deaton Prepare to be Ah "Mazed" RCC-302BHeather Kaiser Refugees: Unpacking the Suitcases For The Things They Carried RCC-301BLisa Camichos • Jessica Esposito Storytelling for the YouTube Generation RCC-304Nick LaFave Strengthening Literacy Skills with iPad (Apple) Marriott-Chancellor Taking Seesaw to the Next Level- Find the Perfect Match for Your Seesaw Classroom Through Speed Dating RCC-301AKara Brem • Juliette Kuhn The Adventure is Yours! You Choose the Path! RCC-305AChris Smith The Power of Poo! RCC-206Marie McKeeman • Learning A-Z Youtube Celebrity Teacher -- Is That Even a Thing? RCC-306CBarbara Purcell • Crystal Stephens Building Capacity in Rural Schools Sheraton - Governor's BallroomCameron Gupton • Thomas Loftin DLI Innovation Academy: Growing an Academy of Innovation Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Julie Morrow Micro-credentials: A Personalized and Flexible Approach to Professional Learning Sheraton - Oak Forest AMary Ann Wolf • Alex Dreier Techifying and Streamlining Teacher Observations Sheraton - Oak Forest BTracey Waid



101 Ways You Can Maintain Your Chromebook Fleet RCC-204Phillip Crawford • FireFly Computers • FireFly Computers 3D Printing Throughout the Curriculum RCC-301BLaura Mangum Bits and Bots: Little Bits using Big Bots RCC-306AAndrea Creech • Nicole Hooker Field Trips + iPads: Connecting Durham's Historical Past with Its Innovative Future RCC-305AAshley Hinton • Michele Gutierrez • Abby Butler Future-Proofing Your District’s EdTech Ecosystem RCC-303Marlo Gaddis • Casey Rimmer Global Exploration through Storytelling and Google Earth RCC-Ballroom AKelly Kermode If #KindersCAN create digital portfolios, all students CAN! RCC-402Kelsey Clarke • Nathalie Ludwig If it's free, it's for me! Exploring OER! RCC-304Natasha Von Klingler • Taylor Von Klingler Let’s Flatten Those Classroom Walls! RCC-Ballroom BCarla Jefferson Paper, Pencil, Ipad--Effective Ipad Use in the Classroom RCC-302AJoshua Simpson Promoting social-emotional learning through a strategic social media plan RCC-307Ashley McBride School-Wide Communication: A Key to Safety RCC-Exhibit Hall-PowerUpEDU Mobile Lab Social Emotional Learning and Technology - Where's the Connection? RCC-305BJen Baker Starting a STEM lab from the ground up. RCC-306CElizabeth Alderson • Ashley Luersman Stu-Stu-Studio: Content Creation with Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A and B Students Are HERE Full Charged RCC-202Amplify • Amplify The Goose Chase Is On RCC-302BCheryl Chauncey • Anne Hedrick • Brian Whitson The Magic Combination: Technology and Relationships RCC-302CLindsey Cahoon • Terrie Wilson Theories Matter: Understanding Digital Competencies to Engage Learners RCC-203Prince Hycy Bull • Donald Barringer • Gardner Webb Think Like an Engineer with Phenomenal Science Instruction! RCC-206Tom Gantt • Amplify Travel the World with the Global Read Aloud RCC-301ALaura Piland • Chelsea Brantley • Katie Blanchard 10ish Ways to Foster Innovation & an Entrepreneurial Spirit as a Teacher Leader Sheraton - Oak Forest BAndrew Smith Recipe for Success: Tools for Planning and Implementing Digital Programs in your School Sheraton - Oak Forest AEmmy Coleman • Jaclyn B. Stevens Resources to Fuel Your Why- #GoOpenNC Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Pam Batchelor • Tiffany Kinney Taking the Meeting out of Staff Meeting Sheraton - Governor's BallroomHannah Jimenez #SmashboardEdu, Black Panther Edition: Movie Inspired Problem-based Learning & the Design Thinking Process Smashed into a Gamified Experience RCC-Ballroom CDee Lanier Creative Coding with BrainPOP Marriott-State Ballroom EHolly Spangler Designing Your Content Ecosystem Marriott-University CMark Samberg Makerspace Rotations Marriott-State Ballroom DCara Patterson VR: An Educator's Magic School Bus! Marriott-University AAllison Barfield • Mandy Love We All Learn Differently Marriott-State Ballroom FLauren Acree • Alex Dreier Why Can't We Be Friends? Marriott-University BJamie Axthelm • Rebecca Stokes



Friday, March 8



#readwoke RCC-Ballroom AJennifer LaGarde Don't Just Add Twitter RCC-301AMelanie Koerber Engagement with the 3 R's in a Digital Classroom RCC-202Texthelp Google Suite ~ How to extend Google Tools from Plain Old Hershey Bar to a Gourmet Truffle RCC-301BApril Robinson • Renee Bailey Is your 1to1 Technology budget unpredictable? Discover solutions that help you plan your spend and avoid unforeseen expenses. RCC-204Eric Ogden Life in 3D! Using 3D Printing in the Elementary Grades RCC-302BIsaac Bancroft • Christine Giusto-Weibl Micro-Writing Blended Centers | Where Small Things Make a Big Difference. RCC-302ALisa Hervey Microsoft Presents: Want to build an inclusive classroom? Learning Tools is your superpower! RCC-201Tamielle Ramsey • Microsoft No More Scissors, No More Glue: Digital Interactive Notebooks RCC-402Monica Burke • Monica Schroeder One Stop Shop RCC-304Ashley Priem • Connie Stone Ozobot: Visual Coding with Tiny Robots RCC-305AShanda Edwards • Sheronica Sharp Part One: Ground Your School and Your Classroom in Secret Sauce RCC-Ballroom BDarren Hudgins Permission to Speak: Community Engagement through Podcasting RCC-306BJanet Pride Reading, Writing & Readiness: Engaging Tools for Early Childhood RCC-305BGlenn Shenika • Rosalyn Washington Ready, Set, BREAKOUT! RCC-306CJasmin Rowdy • Bria Wright Somehow, Someway, Our Two Worlds Will be One: Navigating American History by combining Digital, VR and AR with Physical Breakouts RCC-306ADelandrus Seales • Colleen Bergin STEM for ALL with Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A and B Through The Looking Glass: Supporting EC Students in the General Education Classrooom RCC-303Levi Moore • Kira Wolfe Yes, Yes, Yes! Live stream with YouTube and OBS! RCC-307Amanda Washburn • Danny Houser Level Up your Agency: Exploring PD with Micro Credentials Sheraton - Oak Forest AJen Roberts • Amy Stanley Paradigm Shifts: Perfecting Professional Learning Sheraton - Oak Forest BLori Nesbitt • Lisa Simmerson Personalized Learning Mindsets and Tech Tools Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Stacy Lovdahl Plan Your Route to a Grant Sheraton - Governor's BallroomSara Levin • Kelly Zimmerman EXTRAterrestrial Engagement - Skyrocketing Student Performance to On-Level and Beyond RCC-203Elizabeth Buchanan • Education Galaxy #MakerKitchen, Grab Bag Edition RCC-Ballroom CDee Lanier The Accidental Diminisher: Growing Your Skills as a Leader Sheraton-Hannover 1Shayla Rexrode DIY Pokemon GO and Other Augmented Reality Applications for the Classroom Marriott-University BMicah Shippee Kicking It Up a Knotch with Keynote Marriott-University CKathy Schrock Pack Your Bags! Grab Your Passport! Come Explore a Literary World through a Scientific Lens Marriott-State Ballroom EDail Berry • Jessica Whitmore Quiet Kids Count: Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts Marriott-University AChrissy Romano Teach Like a Lady, Tech Like a Man Marriott-State Ballroom FDawayne McIntosh


#WonderWhy we’re here? RCC-302CMary Alice Ramsey • Kelly Siegert 100 Ways to use Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A and B Art and Technology: Work Smarter, Not Harder RCC-302BBrianna Scott Art In a Digital World- Art integration re-imagined for our technological times RCC-301BDebra Houck • Amy Fenton • Cori Odom Boost Academic Engagement with Physical Activity: Walk, Listen, and Learn! RCC-203The Walking Classroom • The Walking Classroom Digital Morning Routines: Making the Most of Your Morning RCC-306CLauren Pollock • Monica Schroeder Digitize your Formative Assessments RCC-305BEmily Sobul Edpuzzle: How to make any video your lesson RCC-202Quim Sabria • Kelly Sherrill • Edpuzzle • Edpuzzle Game Based Learning - Minecraft RCC-204CDWG • CDWG • CDWG Get Students Talking: Where Active Learning and Untethered Instruction Meet RCC-402Christy Turner • Stephanie Adams Google Classroom for Littles 101 RCC-303Barbara Vinal Innovating with Writing and Google Suite Tools to Reach Authentic Audiences RCC-302AKim Collins • Jenna Stilwell Integrating the 4Cs in the K-5 Classroom RCC-305AChris Tuttell • Janet Pride Learning in 360º, Using Tour Creator for Student Projects RCC-Ballroom AKelly Kermode Microsoft In the Classroom RCC-206John Semberger • Bridgetek Solutions • Bridgetek Solutions Moving students closer to the content, using VR and AR in the classroom RCC-Exhibit Hall-PowerUpEDU Mobile Lab Part Two: Ground Your School and Your Classroom in Secret Sauce RCC-Ballroom BDarren Hudgins Personalize Learning with Canvas RCC-201Christy Barham • Canvas • Canvas TECH Lab Gone FAB Lab! RCC-301ATammy Dookhith To The Louvre and Beyond! RCC-307Debbie Hauff What's in the Box?!? RCC-306AJill Grimm • AL McArthur Best Tools for Admins and Coaches Sheraton - Governor's BallroomTracey Waid Effective and Engaging Staff Meetings? Sheraton - Oak Forest BWanda Hanley • Melanie Farrell • Phil Echols Making sense of the 4Cs, 2Ps, and the DLCs Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Stacy Lovdahl Too Busy for Badges? Think Again! Sheraton - Oak Forest ALesli Darden • Katie Johnson Digital Learning Across the Content Areas RCC-Exhibit Hall Build Your Techy Tribe RCC-Exhibit HallHeather Kaiser Flipgrid Your Sub Plans! #GridPlans RCC-Exhibit HallKyle Hamstra Level Up: Show Mastery through Digital Badges RCC-Exhibit HallSusan Jinks





Build Student Learning with Tinkercad & Merge Cube RCC-305ACathy Musci • Elizabeth Symons Contemporary Teaching and Learning RCC-Ballroom AKen Shelton Creatively Writing with Tech RCC-306CJordan Childs • Laura Whitson Digital Citizenship in the K-12 classroom RCC-203Beth Oyarzun • Ayesha Sadaf • Beth Oyarzun • Beth Oyarzun Digital Portfolios: Developing Students’ Academic Voice RCC-306AAllison Barfield • Charmeer Raindrop Escape the Boring: Gamifying Content with Escape Rooms RCC-302CJennifer Clark • Jennifer Milton Flipgrid 101 RCC-301AJuliette Kuhn • Tanya Churchill • Annette Hymel • Jennifer Underhill Flipping Muscles RCC-307Melissa Ligh FLL Robotics RCC-303Jenna Davis • LeAnne Wolford • Allyn Arrowood Get Connected with SMART Learning Suite Online! RCC-206Justin Stevermer • SMART Technologies • SMART Technologies Getting Creative with Graphics, Design, Infographics, and Moving Pictures RCC-Ballroom BKelly Kermode Increasing Student Engagement through Classcraft RCC-302BBethany Thompson Narrative Podcasting - Engaging Reluctant Writers in the 7-12 English Classroom RCC-301BJennifer Holston Not Your Ordinary "GooseChase": RCC-302AGladys Johnson • Monica Robbins Oh the Pass”abilities – Hallpasses Gone Digital! RCC-204Nicole Doolittle • Andy Rishel Seesaw Workshop: Building Independent Literacy Stations RCC-304Wendy Fusco • Haley Stamey Tech-ifying Instructional Strategies Marriott-Congressional A and B Unlocking Creativity in each student using Minecraft: Education Edition, Makecode and more RCC-201Carrie Barron • PowerUpEDU We're Here to... Bridge the Digital Divide RCC-306BDylan Eyre • Ally Coe • Anna Dooley • S Holt What did they say? Student Created Podcasts In Every Classroom RCC-305BChris Beneck • Josh Rolins Wild About DLCs - Digital Learning Competencies for Every Teacher RCC-202East Carolina University • East Carolina University Contemporary Library Media Programs: Why do our students and teachers need school libraries in the age of Google? Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Kathy Parker Deepen Your Bench with NCSSM Sheraton - Governor's BallroomAmanda Martyn • Joyce Ventimiglia Don’t Be the Typical Administrator ~ Branch Out With Google Forms Sheraton - Oak Forest AKitty Tripp Virtual Observations for Admins Sheraton - Oak Forest BWill Herring • Lee Ann Holmes


1:1 Google Powered Differentiation Bootcamp RCC-303Ashley Hood • Emily Sobul 3D Printing: Not Just for the Nerdy Teacher Down the Hall Anymore RCC-305AKaterine Leatherman • Jason Mammano All Hands on Deck! RCC-304Ashley Peterson • Angela Westmoreland Caching In and Breaking Out RCC-307Amanda McLean Endless Engagement in the K-5 Classroom RCC-305BKristina Swift • Ashley Talbott How to KO the DLCs RCC-306CJen Boysko • Aubrey Harrison Implementing AVID's High Engagement WICOR Strategies in the Online Environment RCC-306BFranchesca Battle • Lane Freeman Information Literacy, Media Literacy, and Google Search RCC-Ballroom AKen Shelton Learning Beyond the Bell: The Discovery Education Student Experience Marriott-Congressional A and B Reading in the Digital World RCC-402Julie Stern • Kristen Ziller STEMify Your Classroom to Enhance Innovative Thinking RCC-301BDarcy Grimes Technology Infused Projects for All Learners! RCC-301AVickie Blankenship Use Coding in Any Content With Sphero Robots RCC-302ASherry Abrams • Dara Harmon Using Google Sites and Slides to Educate, Engage and Empower Students RCC-302BCyndi Childers • Tracie Lail Visualize Data and Get Your Students Asking Questions RCC-Ballroom BKelly Kermode Why Not Question Everything? → Ignite a Student-Centered Revolution RCC-302CBecky Glenn • Joshua Mullis Building Digital Capacity with ROCKstars Sheraton - Oak Forest BCharlotte Best • Yu'Vonne James Building Digital Leaders of Tomorrow Sheraton - Oak Forest AAnnette Hymel • MaryClay Vick Resources to Fuel Your Why- #GoOpenNC Sheraton - Hannover 2 & 3Pam Batchelor • Tiffany Kinney Systems Design for Digital Teaching and Learning Sheraton - Governor's BallroomKarri Adams • Sabrina Norman The Kids Are Listening: Books To Help Readers (of All Ages) Cope With Tough Topics In The News RCC-Ballroom CJennifer LaGarde Restorative Discipline: Creating a School Culture that Works for Every Student Sheraton-Hannover 1James Futrell • Dr. Al Royster Bring Your Stories to Life with Lego Story Starters Marriott-State Ballroom EMelissa Loflin • Rebecca Burry Collaborate: It Takes Two! Marriott-University AJackie Dirscherl Creating, Not Consuming with Chromebooks Marriott-University BSuzanne Blaszak • Alex Langlois How Seesaw Can Change Your Classroom Marriott-University CAlysa Amato • Jamie Turnage Moving Past Substitution: Up the Tech in your Math Classroom Marriott-State Ballroom FCaitlin Carmendy • Erin Trahan




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